The word puzzle game where you can create your own rules

Pass 'n play

Rexverbi lets you play against your friends on a single iPad without the need of an internet connection. Can be played on the airplane or at remote places.

Design your own boards

Rexverbi makes it possible for you to design your own boards and setup your own rules. It is even possible to make boards with holes.

Computer players

If you lack of friends, Rexverbi lets you play against three different computer players. Mediocrates gives you a slack, Mr. long always aims for the longest word and maximillian maximizes his score.

Game log

All events are logged during the game which makes it possible to see which words were played and their scores.


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Multiple dictionaries

British English, International English, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Finnish


Nice animations and sound

OE Design

Graphics and design from OE Design

Mycket mer!

Board editor, game rules editor, play against multiple computer players simultaneously


What others think about Rex verbi

“Rex Verbi is nicely designed, with clear & modern graphics that engage.”

- If you feel you’ve exhausted everything Scrabble has to offer, then its ability to create new boards and configure settings will be right up your street. Rexverbi review


In-game screenshots

Main menu


Game log

Board editor

Game rules editor


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